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Your Child Might Need An Attention Specialist

An attention specialist is one who is accredited and will provide you with a standardized assessment of your child’s attentional control and will spend time with you reviewing and interpreting your child’s results. But simply informing you about existing strengths and weaknesses is not enough. The attention specialist will use those results to develop a solution – that will address all of your child’s needs.

You will receive a printable report that outlines your child’s results. The assessment measures several aspects of Attention Control. SOME of these aspects are: Consistency, Performance, Impulsivity, Performance Decline, and Distractions (audio and visual).


is the measurement of the quality of reacting or performing in a similar way in terms of accuracy and responsiveness when having to execute boring, mundane or repetitive tasks.


is the accomplishment of a given task measured against pre-set known standards of accuracy and speed, i.e. being attentive to completing the task accurately and on time.


involves a tendency to act suddenly and without careful thought, reflection or consideration of the consequences. Impulsive actions are typically poorly conceived, prematurely expressed, unduly risky, or inappropriate to the situation that often result in undesirable consequences.


is the process of diverting the attention of the individual from the desired area of focus and thereby blocking or diminishing the reception of desired information.

The assessment can ONLY be administered and interpreted by accredited professionals.

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