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Can You Read Your Child's Handwriting?

Can Your Child Read His/Her Handwriting?


Develops Motor Skills

Handwriting requires a very different skill set than keyboarding. It involves using the hand muscles in a different way. It activates a different part of the brain than keyboarding does.

Reinforces Learning

By having to learn cursive, students have another opportunity to fully comprehend the alphabet. Learning cursive also gives students a clearer understanding of how letters are formed.

Students With Disabilities

Handwriting could give students with dyslexia and dysgraphia an option that can decrease their hand challenges and give them an opportunity to be more confident in their abilities.

Signing Documents

Being comfortable with cursive will give students confidence when writing and signing legal documents.

Handwriting Is a Lost Art

It is a way for students to develop the side of their brain that is not developed by basic reading skills. The more variety a child has the better for their brain.


Cursive and print reinforces the idea that learning should simply be about learning.

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