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Here Are Some Typical Challenges We Address:

Auditory Discrimination Deficits:

Does your student confuse words or symbols?
Does he/she turn around the sounds in a word, omit sounds, or add sounds that are not in the word?
Does it seem that homework is taking too long or that he/she appears lazy, even though you know that he/she is smart?
Does your student say "what" often?
Do you need to repeat directions many timess?
Do abstract concepts become very frustrating?

Disorientation and Symbol Confusion:

Does your student reverse or rotate symbols?
Does he/she have trouble identifying symbols or remembering what the symbol looks like?
Does he/she have a hard time skipping or doesn't know how?
Does your student have a difficult time throwing and catching a ball?

Memory Recall Deficits:

Does your student fail to recognize words that he/she just read in a previous sentence?
Does he/she have trouble remembering sight words?
Can he/she sound out a word with five or more sounds, but when he/she tries to blend the sounds, he/she drops the sound?

Comprehension Challenges:

Is your student able to decode words, yet does not remember what he/she read?
Does your student have to reread something many times?

Spelling and Writing Skills:

Does your student need improvement in spelling due to difficulties in processing the sounds or because he/she does not know the spelling rules?
Does his/her sentence structure need improvement?
Does he/she resist writing because he/she does not know how to get started?
Does or did your student have a hard time tying his/her shoe?
Does your student say writing is too hard?
Does he/she have a poor pencil grip?

Motor Challenges:

Can your student skip, hop, jump rope, catch a ball?
Does your student have a difficult time standing still for 15 seconds on each foot?
Does he/she have a hard time opening up cans, snack sacks?
Can your student write their name. numbers, and letters?

Focusing Difficulties:

Is your student bright and creative, but impulsive and unable to control his/her attention?
Does your student have a hard time getting going in the morning?
Is he/she unable to sit still and focus?
Can your student play video games for hours?
Does your student have a hard time completing his/her work?
Given a list of directions, does your student have a hard time completing them?
Does your student have a hard time sitting or standing still?
Does your student seem to talk too much or talk too little?

Executives Skills:

Is your student ready when you are?
Can he/she keep their room clean?
Does he/she complete tasks in a timely fashion?

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