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Can’t Live With It And Can’t Live Without It?

Or Can We?

Transform Your Child's Test And Performance Anxiety

Do Any Of The Following Apply To Your Child?


Is your child’s fuse shorter than it used to be?
Do you find your child getting angry at little things more often?

Loss of Sense of Humor

Do you find your child feeling weighted down or too serious?
Does your child laugh less than used to?
Does your child feel down/depressed?


Does your child get caught up in thought loops?
Does your child replay anxious emotional experiences?
Does your child project anxious situations in the future?


Does your child eat excessively?
Does your child use technology excessively?
Does your child rely on stress to keep them going?


Do you find that your child is forgetting little things more often?
Does your child forget what they are saying?

Aches and Pains

Does your child have recurring headaches?
Does your child have tension in their face, jaw, shoulders or back?
Does your child have gastrointestinal distress?


Does your child talk fast or excessively?
Does your child spill more?
Is your child uncoordinated?


Does your child feel run-down a lot?
Is your child tired but unable to get restful sleep?
Does your child have a hard time falling asleep?
Does your child have a hard time waking up in the morning?


Has your child been sick with allergies, colds, or flu?
Does your child tell you they feel sick a lot more?
Your Child's Index ______________

Is your child in overload? If you answered yes to ten or more of the above questions about your child then your child may be experiencing some degree of test or performance anxiety. Don’t worry. Dr. Pitkin has tools, techniques, and practical strategies to help your child.

Experiencing test and performance anxiety is natural. In fact, most people – even those who have prepared extensively – experience some level of anxiety before and during tests. While a certain level of test and performance anxiety is beneficial (as it motivates students to adequately prepare), too much can be detrimental if it prevents them from studying, preparing properly, or concentrating during a test or performance.

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