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15 Minutes A Day Can Change Everything

With a proven track record of over twenty years, Academic Advantage is offering a program that helps struggling readers master the written language. It’s called Read With Ease ©. This intervention has brought many children to reading proficiency.

  • 15 minute sessions
  • $10 per session
  • Personalized one-on-one instruction
  • 2 - 4 sessions per week
  • Progress monitored daily

This will quickly bring your child to independent reading and watch your child’s confidence soar. It has been shown that over 50% of students will improve almost two years and 1/3 of them will move 3-5 years in that same amount of time!

Fostering a love for reading that extends far beyond childhood.

Helping students of all ages and ability levels to become avid, engaged, and confident readers.

Key Environment

What kind of environment does my child need for their sessions? Your child will need to be seated in a comfortable place, relatively free of distractions.

Session Length

How long are the sessions? Each session is about 15 minutes.

Required Tools

What tools do I need? Tablets, laptop, computers, and desktop computers can all be used interchangeably. Any device that has internet can run the program sufficiently.

Skills Developed

The skills developed are: Accuracy, Fluency, Expression, Communication, Pronunciation, Speech, Decoding, Phonological Awareness, and Comprehension.

Who Will My Child Be Working With?

Trissy Pitkin, Ph.D., ET, DRS
Dr. Trissy Pitkin holds a Doctorate in Clinical Christian Counseling, a Masters Degree in Multi-categorical Disabilities, is a Dyslexia Remediation Specialist, an Attention Specialist, a Certified Educational Therapist, an ADD/ADHD Coach, a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist, and a Reading Specialist.

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