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Dr. Pitkin has helped my daughter 110%. My daughter has a diagnosis of Dyslexia. She went from below grade level reading to on level reading by the end of 2nd grade. She also was failing spelling test all through 1st grade. 2nd grade was a complete turnaround and she was successful on every test! She now enjoys going to school and has confidence in herself. Dr. Pitkin makes learning fun and the kids really look forward to seeing her every week!
Dr. Trissy Pitkin is a cheerful and patient teacher, focused on building your child's academic toolbox to succeed in school. My eight year old son, who has been diagnosed with ADD, has improved on the soccer field and in school using skills Dr. Pitkin has taught him. He is more confident and focused than ever before. His hand writing is improving and he is becoming an excellent reader. With her techniques, he was able to pass the 3rd grade state reading and math tests. Dr. Pitkin is a true asset for any parent that has a child struggling in school.
Academic Advantage has been a great experience for my 9 year old son and me. Dr. Pitkin has developed a plan that worked to improve my son’s academic performance at school and home. It has been a pleasure working with her. I have seen improvements in his attention, frustration level, and comprehension. Dr. Pitkin is always looking for new ways to help my son and adjusts his plan as needed. She listens to the parent and uses that input as she develops her plan. I would and have recommended her to other parents.
Thank you for helping our daughter. She was diagnosed with an auditory processing disorder. I am grateful that we brought her to you. Because of your dedication, techniques, and strategies, our daughter not only passed the third grade test, but scored advanced! Thank you again. Parents need to come and see you.
Dr. Pitkin has changed not only our son’s life, but ours too. My husband and I had a difficult time understanding how our son learned. She explained in a way that we understood and educated us on how to help him. We are so appreciative.
Thank you so much for helping our child. At the beginning of the year he was put on an IEP with a diagnosis of Specific Learning Disabilities. At the end of the school year, his teacher asked him what had made a difference in his progress in reading. He said, “Dr. Pitkin is helping me.” I was so happy by his progress that I have sent our younger children to her. Their test scores soared. For the first time, I am learning what it is like to enjoy a parent-teacher conference. Thank you!
I don’t know how to thank-you. It’s only been two months and we have seen changes. His attention has improved, completes tasks, and has started to have friends. I have a new mission to tell other parents about you.
I contacted Dr. Pitkin about our daughter. My husband and I were frustrated and didn’t know how to help her. With your help, she did get better and you also guided us in getting her eyes checked by a developmental eye doctor which I would have never thought of that on my own. After dealing with our oldest reading issues, our youngest daughter was having ADD issues. You really helped us try different avenues and she is just doing amazing. I’m not sure where we would be if someone had not given me your name. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
I saw you for a couple of years and now I am a freshman in college. I never would have pictured myself here. You helped me so much. I am currently majoring in Early Childhood because of the difference you made in my life. I just wanted to say Thank you!
I wanted to thank you for helping me with my attention and reading. I am getting A’s and B’s now, but most of all I have confidence that I never had before. Thank you.
I passed. Thank you. I am going to college because of the strategies you taught me. Thank you.

Third Grade Guarantee

Academic Advantage will guarantee your child will pass the state reading test OR receive one month free or a $300 refund.

Letter from Sarah...

School to my son was hard, frustrating and pointless. He would work hard only to receive a low passing or failing grade. Frustrated with not understanding lessons being taught in class made homework even more difficult. I tried to help the best that I knew how, but I still couldn't seem to make learning easy. It broke my heart to watch my son feel dumb and less than his fellow classmates.

His teacher began to notice his frustrations in class and referred us to Dr. Pitkin. Talking with her on the phone for the first time was so comforting and uplifting. She began to not only help me understand my son and his learning styles, but she also gave me tools for communicating with him in a more effective way.

Going to see Dr. Pitkin each week has brought confidence back to my son. He's beginning to understand how he learns and how to best study. I've watched his grades improve in all his classes. His teachers have even commented on how he's getting stronger in his academics. I'm now looking forward to each school year instead of dreading the frustrations to come.

I appreciate Dr. Pitkin's approach to helping her students. She doesn't label them, she looks at the complete child and she helps the parents. There are enough labels placed on our kids today and she purposes not to do that. She calls them learning challenges, which is exactly what they are and they can be overcome. She assesses diets and daily habits along with learning assessments as possible factors. Equipping the parents with tools and ideas to best help and communicate with their child at home is wonderful. l'm so glad we came to Dr. Pitkin. She has turned my son's outlook towards school around and that's a gift that I can't ever say thank you enough for!

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